Laura K. Grant

Special Education/AVID Teacher

Colorado Springs, CO


Experience delivering quality instruction both as a Special Education and General Education teacher, utilizing differentiation, multiple groupings, skilled questioning, co-teaching, and instructional technology with fidelity to standards, curriculum, and individualized programs.

Teacher Leader, with experience as TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement Mentor Teacher, Personalized Learning Lead Educator, RtI Coordinator, and AVID Site Team.

Trained in: TAP model, rubric, and leadership; AVID Critical Reading and Implementation; RtI and PBIS processes; Data Systems (AIMSweb, TieNet, Easy, Alpine, NWEA); SMART suite of tools (SMART interactive whiteboard, Notebook software, Response system, Slate, and document camera); 21st Century Educational Technology Integration.

Highly competent, collaborative, data-driven, and responsive.


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Laura K. Grant
c/o Wasson High School
2115 Afton Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80909